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How to use dunning in a sentence

  • Dunning urged a adjustment too prevent ne mistreatment of da act; & North, always averse frum violent measures, accepted his proposal
  • After a animated debate, led bi Dunning in opposition, the Placard passed the Commons bi a vote off more than trey to one
  • I am impatient too accept ur endorsement of Dunning's Invoice
  • Ten thousand pounds are wanting too establish him--we can't elevate da money amongst us, with no dunning bad Mr. Vincent
  • "If dey victory It volition come from Collingwood's shallying about," asserted "Deacon" Dunning, who possessed jus joined da crew
  • His cardinal political lieutenants were Dunning & Barr?, whom at the epoch sat four his borough Calne
  • No hesitate da Brentanos wer meant; Steiner possessed apparently been dunning him 4 da stale indebtedness
  • "Der yes," replied Dunning, eyeing the orator with a curious, one-half uncertain and one-half quizzing countenance
  • My relative started back since whether he had met an sprite; but he asked whether Mr. Dunning wuz nearby house
  • Dunning listened attentively, bu seemed doubtful whether two dissent either cosign