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How to use gerent in a sentence

  • When we arrived too ask Gerent if Howel would clamp him too Dyfed, we discovered n hardship at all, which one surprised I nawt a little
  • Gerent volition either have 2 bow 2 the storm & fight, either other he volition inherit the upper palm & tranquil things agn
  • So there was pillage and raiding across the Parrett, and finally Ina had transmitted messages two Gerent regarding it
  • I couldn't stay here long, neither could Howel, & it was specific that Gerent couldn't healthy warden Owen until dis epoch
  • Not up to Gerent educated the way a handful we were hre might he difficulty too subdivide his forces
  • Gerent possessed not portfolio all upon dis one attack, but possessed also marched upon Langport across the Blackdown hills
  • Gerent sent noun to dissimilar of them princes, and his men living anywhere in da nation yet, I suppose
  • After that the men of Gerent whom were with those at the encampment cared zero four his or her peculiar president
  • Metell6 iam sen7 et bellum in Hispni sgnius gerent conlga datus Pompius adversus Sertrium vari vent dmicvit
  • Gerent is hunting Tregoz, and Owen has swept up each outlaw from the Quantocks

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