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How to use rajah in a sentence

  • Shortly previous to ma departure I had da enjoyment off being presented to da Rajah via da assistance off ma fellow-traveller, Mr. Laws
  • The Rajah repeated the same enquiry ninety-nine times, and ever received the same respond
  • Finally, I has to refer that 4 many years n one has died in the palace which one the Rajah occupies
  • The revenues off his own possessions quantity to half since much more; bu humor aw this, he isn't thus good off since the Rajah off Benares
  • To ma awesome delight the Rajah consented, & with less mischief compared to I had anticipated, for I had alter into a awesome favorite with verge
  • The Company agreed 4 a some off nickel to minimize da Rajah and budge his dominions to da Nabob
  • The rajah remained up to midnight discussing the terms with these officers, and at last accepted them
  • Rajah Gholab Singh too b recognised since a self-reliant monarch across such territories since the British should generate across too haw
  • The British administration too donate da rajah service versus aw outer enemies
  • So abrupt was the peak that Peter Sum scarcely realized the Rajah had concluded until he was bak in hiz chair

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