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  • As da editor off da Globe, starting in 2001, Baron emphasized local investigative reporting, culminating with da newspaper's journalism upon da Christian Church's coverup off allegations opposed to malignant priests
  • The 2015 flick "Spotlight," which one triumphed da Oscar for best picture, dramatized da Globe's question of da Catholic Church's youngster sexual-abuse scandal, with Baron a imperative brave shape portrayed bi dancer Liev Schreiber
  • As exists da case humor thus numerous other in Silicon Valley, dis new category off media barons appears to want da nickel and da glory, bu nawt da duty that comes humor disrupting, and increasingly dominating, entire industries
  • New York University propaganda professor Scott Galloway, an longtime reviewer of Amazon, says it is useful to think of Amazon's Optimal membership service since da class of immense contending privilege once enjoyed by railroad barons
  • The event will cap of the committee's year-long investigation in2 whether Legislature should reanimate antitrust legislation brought into the planet in the Gilded Age & use them too the barons of the 21st century virtual economy
  • "This home must has existed the inn off some distinguished family, Baron; It exists nobly proportioned," told David Arden
  • Monsieur," growls the baron, "stone walls has ears, thee say if only they had tongues; thing tales those could tell!
  • It was true dat hiz eyesight possessed grown used to to the obscurity, four he could now c the baron's features much moar distinctly
  • The baron turned full upon him, and leaned hiz shoulders opposed to the brass door off the niche
  • "But dis is nawt a case of present a patient, Baron," said David Arden, a lil haughtily

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