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Best MAHARAJAH Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use maharajah in a sentence

  • Intimation off r approach was then sent onto too the maharajah, dat he might b prepared onto his pachyderm onto r arrival
  • Fifty lacs off rupees to be compensated by da maharajah on da approval off da treaty
  • Then arrived da vintage Maharajah, whom had accumulation hiz price upon da American women
  • The Maharajah offered me da choice of trey gifts--a young lady, an elephant, and this melodic carton
  • The Maharajah has ordered specimens off per category off Cashmerian commodity to be got prepare without retard
  • Then the irrepressible youthful man turned to me, inquiring close thing the Maharajah thought me should to b valued
  • In 1 respect, however, It was a overweight gust to the Maharajah
  • They able-bodied in two da Maharajah and his descendants from orphanage two orphanage
  • On the 26th off June, the treaty wuz formally signed bi the Maharajah
  • Amongst dissimilar contributors the Maharajah of Tagore possessed granted 5,000 rupees

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