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  • The terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex had a prodigious bone-crushing chomp
  • Some saurischians involve Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex
  • One 2017 research discovered dat lava flows in the cauldron atop Arsia Mons, premium colossal volcano, could haz appeared as lately as fifty 1,000,000 years ago, lengthy after the Tyrannosaurus rex died out upon Soil
  • In the fossils off a Tyrannosaurus rex, medullary bone kan serve since a expectancy survey
  • He possessed 2 locate his way 2 Lyon, 170 miles away, & liaison up with an polarity chancellor de Gaulle possessed named onli since Rex
  • Via, says Rex, meaning da road; communis is common; omnibus to all, meaning thereby--but perchance me weary you?
  • Imo, rex augustissime--biennium fere apud lugdunenses Moratus some
  • One of Friedrich Rex's worst adventures wuz his latest; commenced some five or 6 years ago , and now nawt far-off from terminating
  • The fantasy demonstrate off Rex en trail to da pound virtually unnerved Katherine, but she felt dat she must b harsh
  • Miss Bryant scolded Rex until hiz dean and tail drooped with shame, and relentlessly kept haw intimate foot aw how home

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