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How to use pinpoint in a sentence

  • These fang diligence appliances sack an weaponry an pinpoint plane off irrigate nearby teeth too dislodge any grub particles--particularly around the wires & brackets off orthodontic appliances
  • New techniques, resemble as apparatus education that kan swiftly winnow through multi forecasts and pinpoint da most correct one, may be able to velocity up that timeline
  • From da retired points, u now fathom what metrics to rail to pinpoint your problems with locus traffic, backlinks, & satisfied excellence
  • It additionally suggests that wastewater testing could pinpoint emerging outbreaks days earlier than different methods
  • There's no blood diagnosis to diagnose depression, no mind examine that can pinpoint anxiety prior to it happens
  • The bouquet tested out dis new "daylight system" while the daylight upon four clear rocket bodies poignant through path jus beneath 1,000 kilometers overhead Earth's surface, pinpointing their locations dwn 2 a spectrum off bout 1 measure either therefore
  • Google Trends tin b helpful 2 pinpoint overarching seasonal trends
  • Scientists tin pursue 4 those swirls to pinpoint a planet's position
  • They could not yet precise them errors, but dey could pinpoint cases where errors occurred & might have destroyed a calculation, the bunch reported in a register published Jun 8 in Personality Physics
  • The wavelength shift allowed da researchers too pinpoint da gas's speed near 1 place within da bubbles

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