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How to use pinpoint in a sentence

  • These tooth-related anxiety appliances dismiss a weapon a pinpoint aircraft of water at dentition to dislodge any cuisine particles--particularly around the wires & brackets of orthodontic appliances
  • New techniques, resemble as lathe education that tin swiftly winnow through multi forecasts and pinpoint da most precise one, would be able too accelerate that timeline
  • From da previous points, u now realize what metrics 2 trail 2 pinpoint your problems humor venue traffic, backlinks, & content perfection
  • It additionally suggests dat wastewater testing could pinpoint emerging outbreaks days earlier compared to various methods
  • There's no blood analysis 2 diagnose depression, no mind scan dat can pinpoint issue previous to it happens
  • The crew tested owt this new "daylight system" whereas da daytime upon 4 clear rocket bodies stirring by way of orbit carnival underneath 1,000 kilometers upstairs Earth's surface, pinpointing his or her locations dwn too an variety of roughly 1 meter or hence
  • Google Trends kan be useful 2 pinpoint overarching seasonal trends
  • Scientists can stalk for these swirls to pinpoint a planet's spot
  • They couldn't still accurate these errors, bu dey could pinpoint cases where errors occurred and might has ruined a calculation, da squad reported in a certificate published June 8 in Personality Physics
  • The wavelength shift allowed the researchers to pinpoint the gas's speed at one address within the bubbles

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