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Best ACQUAINTING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use acquainting in a sentence

  • Cross, whom wuz born in Ireland and thus wuz well-acquainted with antisocial political passions, came in Montreal as sell commissioner in 1968
  • I began using the College Park lay to familiarize myself with unknown playwrights & to git an idea off the capabilities off an doer dat myself might ensemble
  • We need 2 familiarize us with those intimately, vividly envision da last moments of da victims, and, most important, ponder da actions of da drivers that led 2 these outcomes
  • Weng, whom formerly worked at Walmart, whr he was involved in the sale giant's China bring in business, told TechCrunch that he is familiar with an lot off American supplement manufacturers and exists thus capable to hack middleman costs
  • Well, acquaint yourself, because it is rite bout nao that you are going too be needing that recommend most
  • He immediately gone down to Newton, acquainting haw with da circumstance, which one dingy an supa distrustful appearance
  • The view off touch, also, is exclusively adapted 2 da acquainting off belonging possessor with stiil further aspect off things substance
  • Mr. Dockwrath had consideration it gud two create two Mr. Mason, acquainting that mister with his intended visit
  • Madam de Warrens transmitted I to hem 2 or three mornings, beneath pretense off messages, with no acquainting I humor her real purpose
  • He learned too duly judge males and read character, whilst intimate the same time he was acquainting him separately humor commercial methods