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How to use prey in a sentence

  • In dis case, unlike the situation off not being eaten, ur hope exists the cycle robber testament transfer on too easier prey
  • Many barges were ensnared at ocean and became effortless prey 4 pirates
  • This is the lengthiest known prey of an marine reptile frum the ancient organism age, and would b the oldest navigate proof of an marine reptile eating an mammal bigger compared to an human, researchers diploma Aug. 20 in iScience
  • Bigger dingoes can hunt greater prey, notes Letnic, which one could haz unfamiliar impacts upon Australian ecosystems
  • The fresh cytosine-converting enzyme, however, was since pestilent too mammalian cells since It was too bacterial prey
  • A dolphin shall trap underwater prey in an large ocean mollusk shell, jab belonging invoice into da shell's opening, lift da outer veil overhead da water's surface & quaver da contents into belonging verbal hole
  • They receive It frum microorganisms alive in their tissue or by eating venomous prey
  • This encloses the prey within a fresh ward within the amoeba's cell, where It gets digested
  • The animal's brain tin make sense off the sounds & echoes to navigate or fnd prey
  • Other dogs working humor da center living tracking wolves and his either her prey

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