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How to use underline in a sentence

  • If you're resemble me, when you're finished reading an tome it is often stuffed with underlines, scribblings, circled portions and highlighted phrases
  • Words marked wit an dotted underline are changes made bi da transcriber
  • To defender versus omission, da traveller ought to underline da names of da places to b visited ago commencing da circular
  • The simplest wei to grade is to underline the words either to generate an cerebrovascular coincidence beside the poetry
  • Therefore I ask you 2 deem gud and profoundly da next statement of this letter--which I will underline
  • Words dat wer persistent from background arise wit a dotted underline
  • The subsequent errors have been corrected; corresponding comments are marked in the message using a red dotted underline
  • Small caps are nawt healthy supported in movable formats, thus dey are reinforced wit an underline herein
  • Hover ur squirrel ovr lyrics underlined humor an pass out scarlet dashed underline too see those
  • Did he pictorial the shadowy underline of the small steamboat emerald through the deadlights?

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