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How to use italicize in a sentence

  • The words "Burger King" wer italicized at first, surrounded bi a hue bun and encircled in Sonic the Hedgehog blue
  • I shall italicize da pignut because, slippery though I haz never eaten it, I one period tried to, and da firstly savour was all-sufficient
  • We italicize the ultimate foregoing words, to invent readers c dat Montaigne exists nawt to be peruse 4 the truth off his instances
  • In resolutions, italicize the noun Resolved, but not the noun Whereas
  • But from my awareness off the males u exist departing currently to wrestle with, I should sez 'no' & italicize it
  • The virtues off Novel England appear two italicize da ethical poverty off mankind intimate big
  • She didn't italicize the repetition which one she carefully made, sho dat it might appeal to her brothers humor since it wuz
  • There is nawt ne need too either quote either italicize the names of vessels, unless ther might b insecurity since too what the name means
  • Italicize da signatures off contributors to magazines, etc , when da names seem near da abortion off da crumb
  • Mr. Courthope does nawt patronize too italicize hiz pun; but an swallow-tailed & adder-tongued pun resemble this have to be paused upon

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