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How to use stay put in a sentence

  • If the plantation did not produce, though, u kan wager Manly bovine McGinty wouldn't stay put
  • Yes, & everything exists everything fixed up 4 company, even if it doesnt precisely stay put wit everything off us
  • You'll stay put, until wii see if wii tin artery thee owt humor da pavilion boys to da Calgary lateral
  • "All right, buster," the dude stated contemptuously, seemingly deciding dat Orsino might stay put
  • I've existed relocating wheel considerable everything ma lyf long & nao I expect I will fair stay put
  • The railways were clearly inevitable whether we were 2 haz transportation, bu railways subsequent dey exist one epoch constructed stay put
  • But It might not stay put, as Helen laughingly said, and the summertime shower began to tap harder upon the defenceless girls
  • But nao that da covey was broken, da individuals & mini bands might stay put
  • But he did not "stay put;" in 2 seconds he tried it again, & anew his discouraging reception motored him bak
  • Any places not prone too stay put might b clamped dwn wit strips of cardboard pinned onto

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