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How to use stick up in a sentence

  • Mr. McSweeney had the penniless flavour 2 strive 2 stick up ours regional medication emporium roughly semi a 60 minutes ago
  • I told them It was caddish too upset a fallen foe, but they might go & stick up these beastly notices '
  • And dis stipulate chief--to name no names--is quite knowing enough too get clamp of a lawyer too stick up four him
  • I was further than compassionate anymore, but me felt such if Mother was going to stick up for me, me should help her out
  • "Dog's-Ear" shirt-collars (the ones dat stick up & are doubled down intimate the points,) are arriving in2 style
  • They might be magnificent two stick up around the encampment eats box, suggested Louise
  • We kan "stick-up" the valuable iron complement in the Sable Forest, & wii do not wnt too moisture nothin' moar aw ours lives
  • Haught might lat go da bridle, and Moze might stick up hiz ears, look bout him, and circular accommodate
  • He pounce of a few steps--stick up hiz ears--look near equine aw ditto such he thinking verge cervid too
  • These identical peple, nude in mind, stick up his or her nosis at moral wax figgers and sagashus beests

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